Need further guidance and support?

The scheme operator Support Managers are available on site at no cost to offer guidance and clarification on matters which you feel are barriers to certification. Support is available both pre and post certification to assist you in ensuring your information production continues to meet the requirements of the Standard.

Onsite support visits are driven by the individual needs of each organisation and hence follow a relaxed format when establishing key areas to focus on. These meetings generally fall into two categories:

Support meeting – fact finding exercise to check understanding, clarify any areas of concern and establish current needs of applicant organisation to progress.

Support visit – these occur after pre assessment but can be set up beforehand where more work may be required to prepare.  Our Support Managers are experienced QMS auditors and our Operations Managers have also authored many quality management systems over the years.  These sessions can vary from a few hours to a couple of days dependent upon the amount of work required to expedite progress toward certification.

In addition to our Support Managers, the support team is also available for advice and can be contacted via telephone 01256 383601 or email

If you would like to book a session with one of our Support Managers please contact the support team by either of the above methods.

Last updated: 03/04/2013

Oxfordshire County Council Adult Social Care

This case study shows how a county council’s Adult Social Care department improved
their focus on service users and the quality of their public information through taking
part in the scheme.

Epilepsy Action

This case study shows how an organisation that already had good processes in place has benefited by being able to prove the quality of what they do.

Macmillan Cancer Support

This case study shows how an organisation with an established reputation for the quality of information, benefited by reviewing existing materials and systems and tightening up procedures.


This case study shows how an organisation gained from taking part in the scheme by improving user input and the quality of everything they produce.

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

This case study shows how an NHS Foundation Trust has gained from taking part in the
scheme – tightening up its use of evidence in patient information and establishing a higher profile for it within the Trust.