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Corporate Services in Hong Kong: What You Need To Know

Opening a company in Hong Kong provides investors with the best opportunities for taking advantage of the large market that is Mainland China and the Far East. Many investors want to take advantage of the unique Hong Kong market. However, many find it difficult to follow and achieve optimum potential especially if you will be operating away. However, you can still realize faster growth by using corporate services. Here is all that you need to know about corporate services in Hong Kong. 

Corporate services include things that range from company registration, full-time administration, management, and assistance to clients especially at the early stages of the company operations. The services target ensuring that your business starts on the right footing and developing faster in Hong Kong, China, and the entire Far East. 

Why your company needs company services ?

Corporate services are crafted depending on business needs and the target niche. For businesses that are formed by investors who are located in areas differentiated in space and time, corporate services help to set the company on the right track faster.

Corporate services create a unique sense of confidence in running companies abroad. Even if you have a deal that went through faster than you anticipated; corporate services create the unique platform that allows your business to start running as immediately as possible.

In many cases, the requirements before full business operations can commence are very many and can take a lot of time. For example, immediately after incorporating the business, you need to apply for a business registration certificate and ensure that all procedures are followed for regulatory requirements.

Major corporate services 

  1. Company secretary services: The company secretary is a major requirement for registration of a company in Hong Kong. Agencies offer you company secretary so that you do not have to worry about advertising for the position.
  2. Company registration: Though the process of opening a company is simplified so much in Hong Kong, it is still significantly lengthy and some help comes in handy. As opposed to travelling all the way to Hong Kong, you can enlist corporate services for assistance to ensure you even register even without travelling.
  3. Bookkeeping and representation: One of the requirements for all companies operating in Hong Kong is that all books must be properly maintained for easy access by relevant authorities especially IRD. You are required to keep records of the company for about 7 years.
  4. Opening bank account: Once you have registered a company, you can rely on corporate services to open a bank account. Note that you cannot start operating a company without an account. Agencies offering corporate services will assist you to draft strong reasons so that you can get it in the first attempt. Even if your application was denied during the first attempt, you can still resort to corporate services for assistance.
  5. Advisory services: Because of the highly dynamic business environment in Hong Kong, it is important to make the right decision. Corporate services are offered by experts who have been in the Hong Kong environment for a long time. Therefore, they understand everything and will provide you with professional assistance to ensure that you take the right decision when making business deals, taxes, and recruitment.

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