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10 Apr 2020

Digital marketing trends in 2020

Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape with new technology arriving daily that redefines the approach marketers take to engage with their customers. Every new trend represents an opportunity to establish an advantage over the competition, establish expertise in an industry and increase ROI. Tried and true processes likely aren't going anywhere but they are evolving. (more…)
4 Jul 2018

3 luxury destinations to visit by yacht along the French Riviera

Yachting gives you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful destinations seen from a different angle. Your experience will differ depending on your itinerary. The Côte d’Azur is full of treasures to appreciate that are just waiting to be discovered by those who choose to visit them aboard a yacht.


16 Aug 2017

Focus on data marketing in 2017

Marketers today operate in a fast paced multi-channel, multi-screen world where it is of vital importance that they capture data and use it to optimize every customer experience by ensuring it is useful and engaging at every touch point. (more…)
1 Feb 2017

How a specialist Guarantees Clients of Top Security Abroad

Are you planning to travel to Africa for a business mission or as an expatriate? In addition to the main objective of the stay, you should also put security on the agenda. For decades, many parts of Africa and the Middle East have remained hostile, and your safety should be number one. It is because of this reality that an agency works towards guaranteeing your security and helping the mission become a success. How does an agency do this? (more…)

28 Dec 2016

Corporate Services in Hong Kong: What You Need To Know

Opening a company in Hong Kong provides investors with the best opportunities for taking advantage of the large market that is Mainland China and the Far East. Many investors want to take advantage of the unique Hong Kong market. However, many find it difficult to follow and achieve optimum potential especially if you will be operating away. However, you can still realize faster growth by using corporate services. Here is all that you need to know about corporate services in Hong Kong.  (more…)
15 Nov 2016

Investor Visa: 5 reasons to invest in Hong-Kong

Hong Kong has come out as an investment haven for multinationals and start-ups. As a Special Administration Region of China, Hong Kong maintains great independence which is utilized to build a thriving business economy. As an investor, why should you consider Hong Kong? In this post; Investor Visa: 5 reasons to invest in Hong Kong, we explore the benefits of investing in this potential region so that you can make the right decision.  (more…)
3 Oct 2016

Setting up a business in Hong Kong as a foreigner: We tell you the truth

One of the best financial centers in the world that have won a lot of praise is Hong Kong. It hosts the highest number of banks in the globe and ¾ of biggest banks have branches there. More importantly, the restrictions on running companies and opening bank accounts in Hong Kong are less stringent compared to most countries in the west. Well, when you think of setting a business in Hong Kong: We tell you the truth. Here is everything that you need to know.  (more…)
15 May 2016

My 3 top tips to succeed in your job interview

Job interviews are something that we all have to face at one point in our lives, and whether it’s your first or thirtieth job interview, they never cease to be a daunting and nerve-wracking prospect. So, here is my advices to you on nailing that interview to get the job you want at the company you want to work for. (more…)