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The Role of Professional Associations in Supporting Certification

The Role of Professional Associations in Supporting Certification is to promote the profession and to provide a voice for their members. They also Provide a Forum where they can discuss affecting their Members, and help to keep the highhest standard of professionalism.

What is the role of professional associations in the support of certification?

The objective of professional associations aims to represent the interests of the trades they bring together. As a result, they constitute an important player in the development and promotion of professional certifications. They can participate in the development and improvement of the skills of their members. Thanks to a certification recognized by the State, they bring added value to employees who own them and to companies who wish to recruit this category of qualified personnel. These certifications are a reference on the labor market in France and internationally. In addition, they allow companies or higher education establishments to differentiate themselves from competition. Today, professional associations take on a more important role in supporting certification.


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What are the advantages of certification for professionals?

Certification is a recognition by a third -party organization of a skills level or knowledge that meets determined requirements. It enables to enhance the skills acquired and increase the confidence that you have about yourself or your business.

Certification can be used to highlight your skills, motivation, personality, human qualities, potential. It can also be used to differentiate itself from other competitors and thus generate more sales.

Certifications allow professionals to present themselves as a reference and in doing so they promote the confidence that potential customers grant them. They also help to increase the notoriety and the image of the professional in question with the targeted public. If you want to obtain a certification in order to improve your image, your skills or your positioning on the market, ask to receive a full file for free which explains how you can do it thanks to the program “We recognize your expertise” (NRVE).




What are the different ways whose professional associations support certifications?

A professional association is an organization that brings together experts in a particular field. The purpose of this organization is to offer its members advantages and services, in addition to promoting the expertise and knowledge of its members.

One of the main functions of a professional association is promoting the know-how of its members. Another important function is to allow members to exchange their knowledge and expertise through conferences, meetings or other types of occasions.

Professional associations can also be used to develop an active community bringing together graduates and former students. However, this is only one aspect among many that professional associations can offer their members. Some professional associations are also responsible for providing students with access to the labor market; They can thus promote employment among young graduates or even facilitate transition between higher education and career by helping students find a job corresponding to their training.


How do professional associations help professionals obtain certifications?

These professional associations provide professionals with a way to stand out and improve their reputation. They are often considered as essential resources for professionals who want to expand their knowledge, gain competence and take advantage of new opportunities.

Professional associations can offer members such as certifications, training, access to research and the use of a contact network.

It is important to note that there are different types of professional associations according to the type of activity concerned: industrial or commercial association, government or public agencies.

Membership of an association can cause several positive benefits: participation in the certification program is an additional asset that can make the difference on your CV and help you get a more coveted position. Becoming a member means that you can benefit from the continuing education program in order to learn how to improve your current techniques and be able to offer an ever more extensive range of services. In doing so, you will improve your customer experience while increasing your sales.

Participants will also have the chance to meet the other members when they are invited to participate in special events, which will undoubtedly allow an enriching discussion on the subject treated during the congress or the symposium organized by the association in question.


What is the impact of professional associations on the certifications market?

Professional associations are groups of people who have a common field of activity.

The members of a professional association generally meet to discuss their activity, but also to train and keep yourself informed of new products from the sector. All sectors of activity can be affected by professional associations. Thus, this type of grouping concerns in particular the following areas: – Trade and sale (National Association of Associate Trade) – The Bank (French Association of Banks) – The food industry (French Association for Food Standardization) – The Real estate (national federation of real estate agents, national union of real estate companies, etc.)


What is the added value of professional associations for professionals who wish to obtain a certification?

As a professional, you may need certification. Whether to prove your expertise or to enhance your skills with your customers or your employer, certification offers many advantages.

Certification is a tool allowing a person (individual or business) to attest that they have the skills required to exercise a given activity. Indeed, certification can be issued by public organizations (for example the Ministry of Labor), private (for example grandes écoles and universities) or associations (for example the French State). These organizations are responsible for carrying out competence measurement tests on the candidate so that he can obtain an official certificate recognized by all.

The certifications are valid and recognized worldwide. This recognition allows professionals who have obtained this certification to obtain greater credibility from their customers and prospects. In some cases, it also allows employees and job seekers to have an additional asset on their CV in order to respond to certain job research or recruiters when they seek to hire a new employee.

Professional Associations Play a Vital Role in Supporting Credentialing. Professional Associations Provide A Forum for Professional Discussion and Exchange of Information, and they can Provide the Input Needed for the Development of New Guidelines or Standards.


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