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Focus on data marketing in 2017

Marketers today operate in a fast paced multi-channel, multi-screen world where it is of vital importance that they capture data and use it to optimize every customer experience by ensuring it is useful and engaging at every touch point.

data marketing

Data marketing is very important today for marketers

Survey results show that 62% of marketers today regard Customer Relationship Management as the most important skill for marketers. The modern marketer must be able to deliver on results that builds customer loyalty, brand growth, and data is that one tool that allows for the gathering of insights into how customers interact with a brand.

Today’s customers are most demanding, expecting nothing less than superb experiences when they engage with businesses, and CEOs expect their marketing executives to deliver those experiences.

Although an integral part of any marketing strategy, how data is collected and what we do with it is crucial to the success of any marketing effort. Focus on data marketing.

What does Data marketing represent?

Data itself tells a story about the consumers who interact with the brand and comprises several aggregated demographics such as customers’ age, gender, level of education, job title, language and more. Data marketing involves the use of the data an organization collects to maximize customer’s experience, but the data will only be useful if it is accurately interpreted and made actionable.

An organization’s data marketing success is dependent on how those who access the data, marketing managers and analytics teams, interpret the story the data tells, as misinterpretation could prove to be detrimental to the brand. It is important that the data and insights be shared and understood across the organization to ensure a successful marketing effort. Cross channel personalization is important, but only 8% of organizations believe that they are using their data to its full potential.

What is the data marketing conference in Toronto in 2017?

In the field of marketing and technology, 2017 is marked as the year of intelligence where data is now the official language. Survey reports indicate that 92% of brands share the common goal of managing their data better in 2017, but are experiencing difficulties in finding the right skills and resources. Over 1000 Marketing, Analytics, and IT Decision Makers will be in attendance at the data marketing conference in 2017 to take advantage of the intensive training, and networking opportunities over two days.

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