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The Road to Certification: A Guide to Preparing for Professional Certification Exams

The Road to Certification: A Guide to Pre -Paring For Professional Certification Exams is a book that will help you prepare for the certification exams. It provides you with the information and tools you need to pass the exam. This guide will help you prepare for the following certification exams:

What are the advantages of passing a professional certification?

Professional certification is an official diploma issued by a recognized institution.

It gives its holder the right to take advantage of the corresponding title and professional competence.

Professional certification gives its holder the right to use the titles, description and symbol associated with the qualified company, as well as all related brands.

The certificate also indicates the registration of the owner with the competent authorities and allows international organizations to attest to training in terms of training or professional knowledge.

Professional certification is also used to prove its qualification and technical skills. It can act as proof of success to apply for a job or to obtain a promotion within a company.

The advantages of passing a professional certification? The advantages of obtaining a certificate are based on several factors: the financial advantage: when you are employed, your employer cannot dismiss you if you have not certified your qualification compared to the required requirements for the position held.

You can also benefit from the maintenance of your salary in the event of sick leave after certification which attests that you are able to occupy the position held (see in particular the collective agreement).


business approve and certificate concept, confirmation of business marketing document permit

business approve and certificate concept, confirmation of business marketing document permit

What are the steps to follow to prepare the certification test?

Before presenting the steps to be followed to succeed in the certification test, it is important to note that the exam is divided into six parts.

You have to be able to interpret and analyze financial data, solve accounting problems and learn accounting standards. To obtain the certification, you must answer the test questions correctly and be awarded a minimum score by each party. To be able to take the test, you must be at least 18 years old.

Applicants who wish to work as CPA must have validated all the subjects of the university program (60 ECTS credits) to be able to take the test.

You cannot obtain certification if you have not validated all the subjects of the university program (60 ECTS credits).

Most university programs today offer an option equivalent to 60 ECTS credits; This generally includes an internship in a business or an individual project. If you choose this option, you will be asked to validate your internship or your individual project during the test registration process.

The program must include: compulsory subjects: Introduction to birth and finance (30 cr.), Information system system (30 cr.), Financial birthday (30 CR.), Costing and Analysis I, II (15 CR.) And Controlling For birthday and finance (15 cr.).

Optional materials: Information Management Systems II (15CR), Managing The Company’s Business Environment I, II (10CR) and Strategic Management I, II (10CR).


What are the materials on which we are tested during the exam?

The written examination examination exam: what are the subjects on which we are tested during the exam? lasts 1h30 and consists of three parts.

The candidate receives a white sheet, a pen and a draft on which he must note everything he wants.

He then has 10 minutes to answer the questions asked by the examiner.

The first part makes it possible to assess the knowledge of the subjects covered in the BTS program, namely: General culture – Economy – Management – Language Languages ​​Foreign (1) French Literature and Language (2) Mathematics applied to the Human Sciences – Physics Chemistry – Life and Earth Sciences – Applied Biology (3) This part only includes MCQs where each good answer gives the right to points.

The second part includes four exercises to assess the knowledge of candidates in accounting, financial and fiscal management.

The four exercises are independent of each other but each have a different coefficient. Finally, the third part is devoted to modern foreign languages ​​1 and 2 as well as EPS (physical and sports education). It consists of an oral test which consists in presenting to the jury its professional project in front of a virtual class composed of “students” learners in BTS MUC.


What are the techniques and strategies to adopt to successfully examine?

Examination is a difficult step to take.

It should not be taken lightly, because it is often synonymous with success or failure of the professional project. To succeed, it is therefore necessary to put the odds on your side and adopt adequate strategies. However, there are no infallible techniques to successfully examine this exam.

There are several techniques and strategies that can be adopted to optimize its chances.

Awareness is an important point.

You should know that the driving license exam will take place in three parts: a writing (questions on the road), an oral test (interview with the candidate) and a practical part (driving). Before tackling written questions, you must put yourself in the appropriate conditions in order to be well prepared for the various cases which can arise during the exam.

When you familiarize yourself with the subject, you can do real -time training in order to better understand the different types of situations to be treated during the final exam. In this context, we will approach some important points to succeed in its exam: – Inquire as much as possible on the theme treated – Do real -time tests – Check your knowledge as you go – Perform a daily schedule – Practice Autonomous Driving But is to learn by heart everything you can learn in order to be able to correctly answer the questions asked during the final exam.


What are the consequences of a failure for a certification exam?

A failure to a certification exam may have a number of consequences.

It can indeed lead to a loss of professional experience, because customers and partners are not certain of the quality of the work done. For the company, this can cause operational or financial problems.

The consequences of a failure for a certification examination are therefore multiple for the company and according to the field concerned.

When this type of failure is committed, it is important that you are aware that it will impact your long -term professional career. If you have succeeded several times and you still fail, it is very likely that your chances of obtaining a promotion will decrease. This means that instead of being promoted to the upper post, you will have to stay at the same position for longer. Due to the many hours spent studying to obtain certification, people who take the time to undergo full training tend to be more efficient than those who are less motivated. Sometimes, if you put too much emphasis on immediate success rather than in the long term, your performance will be affected by this strategy.

Your success will mainly depend on the time and work you have to practice your activity in the long term in order to maintain your current level.


What are the resources available to prepare for a certification exam?

To be ready to take the certification exam, it is important to have a good knowledge of the repository. This knowledge can be achieved by doing research and training.

There are also several websites offering training for this examination: most of these sites offer free and paid multiple choice questions whose results allow you to analyze your performance and the quality of your responses.

Certification exams are important part of your career. They are requirement to be able to practice your profession and have a professional credential that is recognized nationally. In this book, you will find your ne need to know about certification exams. The Book Covers The Basic Concepts of Certification Exams, the Different Kinds of Certification Exams, the Types of Questions Used in Certification Exams, How To Prepara for Certification Exams, How To Write An Essay Tésy for A Certification Exam, and More!


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