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The Value of Professional Certification

Professional certifications are to be considered. Indeed, even if people are working and have been graduated, it does not mean that they know about everything and they cannot learn again. Professional certification are really important to grow on a professional side.

What is the advantage of obtaining a professional certification?

A professional certification is a title attesting to the success of a specific learning. It identifies the level of competence reached after training or a training period.

Certifications are internationally recognized, which allows workers and businesses to stand out.

Professional certification is an important tool for employers, because it makes it possible to assess the quality of learners and their ability to exercise a given professional activity. For employers, this means that workers who have obtained certification are more able to perform certain tasks and assume certain responsibilities within the organization. This can be very advantageous for the employer from a financial point of view, because he can thus establish an appropriate salary for each position occupied by his collaborator. More and more often, organizations ask their employees to have certification in order to have access to positions that require a higher level (for example: engineer).

Most students who have followed a program leading to a certificate or a diploma can present the corresponding certificate at the end of the program (for example: Accounting certificate).


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She’s trying to obtain her professional certification !

In which areas are certifications more useful?

Certifications are securities issued by an official organization, indicating that the holder has undergone special training. These training courses are generally recognized by employers and can be useful in different fields.

Language skills certifications in France, the majority of companies require a minimum level of French for recruitment or hiring. In addition, it is possible to more easily target positions that require a good level of foreign language.

Voltaire certification allows you to check the level of a candidate, regardless of his initial French level. Thus, this certification is useful for people with official proof of the level in French (in the professional framework for example). It also allows people who need a diploma attesting to their knowledge of French as a foreign language (diplomas obtained abroad).

IT certifications The IT certifications allow professionals who work in this area to be recognized for their technical knowledge and the experience they have acquired over the years. They are often claimed by companies so that they can have access to services or products adapted to their specific needs. A certain number of public training courses exist and they are generally done on the basis of volunteering, but they do not systematically give rise to official recognition (certificates) or even compulsory for obtaining a job.


What are the necessary qualifications to obtain professional certification?

Nowadays, more and more professionals wish to obtain a certification to enhance their skills. However, it is not always easy to define what a certification is and in which case it is useful. In this article, we will present the various existing certifications to you and answer the question “What are the necessary qualifications to obtain a professional certification?” We will also give you examples of certifications that can be found on the internet.


What is the difference between certification and qualification?

Certifications and qualifications are two terms that are often used in the field of professional skills. Certification is an official document that attests to your level of professional competence.

It can also be used to prove that an individual or a company has the knowledge, experience and skills necessary for the exercise of a specific activity.

Qualification is a process that allows potential employers to obtain information on your professional competence skills. Unlike certification, qualification does not prove that you have the knowledge, experience and skills necessary for the exercise of a specific activity.


What is the impact of a professional certification on the job market?

The labor market is constantly evolving.

It is therefore important to read the different certifications that exist and the possibilities available to you to obtain professional certification. Professional certification makes it possible to identify know-how or special competence, which can be a considerable asset on the labor market. Indeed, the job search is not always easy, especially if you do not have a rewarding diploma or professional experience. Professional certifications enable people to continu to learn, to have a lifelong learning experience and to always improve themselves.

Certifications make it possible to highlight your know-how and skills with recruiters. To stand out from other candidates, you must however take care to choose a professional certification adapted to the position you wish to occupy.

You can also use certification as a professional retraining tool to completely change track or as a means of improving your employability thanks to the many opportunities it offers (continuing education). Whatever the field concerned by certification, it can be very useful for dealing with competition because it constitutes an essential element to validate the acquisition of new skills and strengthen its employability. In any case, it is better to use your certificate as a positive symbol rather than a handicap!


Are professional certifications necessary for a successful career?

A successful career is a question of skills and experience.

Professional certifications are important for employers and recruiters who can better know your skills, experience and work skills.

When you apply for a job, it is best to add elements on your CV demonstrating that you have the required qualifications for the coveted position.

You can also use your training certificate as an additional proof of your skills in order to attract the recruiter’s attention.

It is important to emphasize that not all certifications are recognized by employers or potential employees, so make sure that the certification chosen is well relevant to your sector of activity.

This certification, which took place on June 21, 2018 in Brussels, is a certification issued by the International Certification Institute (here). This certification allows professionals to be recognized as a specialist in their field.


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