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Investor Visa: 5 reasons to invest in Hong-Kong

Hong Kong has come out as an investment haven for multinationals and start-ups. As a Special Administration Region of China, Hong Kong maintains great independence which is utilized to build a thriving business economy.

As an investor, why should you consider Hong Kong? In this post; Investor Visa: 5 reasons to invest in Hong Kong, we explore the benefits of investing in this potential region so that you can make the right decision. 


Ease of setting up companies and commencing operations 

To invest in Hong Kong, you are required to open a limited liability company. Unlike other business hubs, Hong Kong administration has made this very easy so that investors can commence operations. It only requires three steps;

  1. Deciding the company you want to form and putting together all the required documents.
  2. Presenting the documentation to the company registry.
  3. Opening a bank account

The process is simplified further because you can even register the company without having to travel to Hong Kong. Simply identify an agency, and all the registration will be completed fast and very professionally. The agencies also offer corporate services that will help your start up and expansion in Hong Kong entire region.

Business friendly environment and legislation 

Hong Kong has established a unique business economy that encourages investors to come and set up businesses. Today, World Bank categorizes Hong Kong at the top together with Singapore in ease of doing business. The administration has passed various legislations that allow you to invest through several ways;

  1. Investment visa: This method of entry and investment falls under GEP (General employment policy) and involves proving that you have a good investment that will help the Hong Kong Economy to grow. To enter Hong Kong and operate under Investment Visa, you must draw a business plan, prepare financial profit and loss anticipation for the business, and demonstrate financial capability.
  2. Incorporating a company: This is the commonest method of investing in Hong Kong.
  3. Branch office: This is an overseas arm of your home company opened in Hong Kong.

Stable financial system and straight forward tax regime 

Hong Kong stands out from other countries because it has a very stable financial system. In the west, the banking system is very unstable, and businesses are unsure of their deposits and interests’ safety.

However, Hong Kong is a financial hub because with every big bank having some presence or having the headquarters based there. Accordingly, you can rest assured that your business finances will be smooth, fast, and highly efficient.

The tax regime in Hong Kong is very straightforward. Businesses are required to only paly 16.5% tax on profit made in Hong Kong. Therefore, if your operations are based abroad, you can qualify for 0% tax. This is very important to ensure that you can use the profits to grow the business.


Supportive administration 

Hong Kong administration has been very supportive to investors who are coming to Hong Kong. The government wants to encourage start-ups to come to Hong Kong and bring new technology that will elevate the city higher than others. That’s why you can obtain an investment visa in Hong-Kong is you can bring a high added value to the country.

Check whether your business falls within the following government supported programs: Small Entrepreneur Research Assistance Programme, Cyberport Incubation Programme, or StartmeupHK Venture Programme.

Huge potential market 

Hong Kong is the main gateway to mainland China. Many people who want to take advantage of the huge business potential in China run their companies in Hong Kong and use then as special vehicles. Whether you want to import products to China, the market is really huge.

However, many are the investors who want to export products such as electronics from China and trade overseas. Besides, Hong Kong is also a gateway to the larger South East Asia’, and your business will have unlimited potential for growth.

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