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Euro 2016: My top 3 Points to Remember

I must admit that even as an ardent supporter of France, Euro 2016 was certainly an unforgettable football experience for me.  In a few surprising last-minute moves, Portugal defeated their French hosts and clinched a win. Here are 3 points for you to remember about the tournament 😉

Portugal’s victory

Winning the Euro 2016 in Stade de France was a momentous event for Portugal, the underdog of the match. Their victory was remarkable considering the fact that Christiano Ronaldo was taken off during the first half due to injury. However, the unexpected and excellent playing by substitute Elder enabled the team to claim their victory. Christiano Ronaldo was able to win the Henry Delaunay Cup in his fourth UEFA European Championship.


Portugal won France 1-0 and has been sacred European Champion (even without Ronaldo, unbelievable!)

Griezman, the best stricker of the competition

Excellent playing by French striker Antoine Griezmann truly earned him the Euro 2016 player of the tournament honour.  His memorable performance included netting 6 goals and contributing 2 assists on the soil of his homeland. The UEFA representative reported that Griezmann’s performance earned him the unanimous agreement of technical officers as being the most remarkable player of the tournament.

Irsih supporters, a communicative joy even in the defeat

Even though the 2-1 defeat to France was a blow to thousands of loyal Irish fans, they showed true class and extended their support to their players for their strong effort in the tournament despite their eventual defeat.

I’ve got to say, Ireland have a wonderful lot of football supporters! While badly behaved fans have considerably tarnished the image of what I believe is the world’s most exciting sport; the disciplined behaviour of the Irish is a great benchmark for supporters worldwide to aspire to. As we all know, the destructive behaviour by a few fans invariably affects player morale and match enjoyment of the rest of us. So, well done Ireland!

If you missed the results, here you can find the summary of all the matches, click here !

And you, what moment of this incredible competition did you enjoy the most? 🙂

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