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My top 4 tricks to perfectly paint your walls

We know the feeling. Perhaps the paint in your living room has begun to peel, or maybe you can no longer stand the shade in your bedroom. How hard can it be to redo your deco yourself? Just follow my tips and you’ll be well on your way to the room you’ve always wanted!


Scotch and paint roller: this is all you need !

Trick 1: Take the time to protect everything in the room!

It’s no good painting a room the perfect shade, only to notice later that you’ve absentmindedly ruined your furniture and carpet! Make sure to remove smaller objects from the room, and cover everything else (carpet included) with paper or plastic sheeting.

Trick 2: Prepare your wall

Use a sponge, water and fairy liquid to remove dirt from the walls and clean them. Then use painter’s tape or scotch to protect areas you don’t want to paint.


As you can see, everything must be covered…oops I forgot the carpet!

Trick 3: Clean the paint roller

It’s vital that the roller itself does not spread dirt or even paint of a different colour when you are painting! Rollers can be cleaned using water or paint thinner and newspaper to remove the excess.

Trick 4: Use an undercoat

In order to get a glossy finish, it’s important to use an undercoat. This layer covers irregularities in your wall, creating the perfect surface for your second coat.

I hope my advice will be usefull, and now try for yourself 😉

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