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This Summer: Have style with a cap!

Summer’s here and it’s the perfect opportunity to try a new style! What is timeless, classic and keeps coming back into fashion? Caps of course! The cap can bring a new edge to your look, creating a laid-back or formal vibe depending on how you wear it.

Dare to wear a snapback, the wide caps with flat visors!

Snapbacks are a summer staple that will instantly make your look modern, fresh and daring. You can opt for vibrant colours with a sports logo for a laid-back look or darker colours for a skater appearance!

Personally, I’ve always felt that a snapback is all I need to take my look from “ordinary summer get-up” to “sporty” or “skater” instantly!


Get the “skater look” with a snapback! I love this style!

Prefer a classic style? Wear a cap with a peak to stay discreet

Peaked caps are less Yorkshire farmer and more vintage chic this summer. Update your wardrobe instantly with a simple peaked cap which will give you an edge of class, as well as keeping the sun off your face!

I like to wear my peaked cap on slightly chillier summer days or evenings, paired with chinos, a good shirt and desert boots. Trust me, It’s a look you really can’t go wrong with 😉

Careful! Don’t make a fashion faux pas!

I get it, the 90s were great and that style should be emulated as much as possible, but if there’s one thing that should be kept in the 90s, it’s the backwards cap.

Strongly associated with teenagers, the backwards cap is a big no-no. Wear the tie-dye shorts, the converses and the board shorts, but stay well clear of the backwards cap. It will make you look less ‘well dressed’ and more ‘fancy dress’!

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