Zoom on the carpenter work: a real passion for wood

Woodworking has been around for about a thousand years.  Let’s take a look at what this type of work involves.

What exactly is woodworking?


Woodworkers or carpenter tirelessly and passionately saw, plane and resize raw timber to how they want it to look (furniture making, house design or layout, decorative objects or features, etc.)


A passion for wood.

A passion for wood.


A profession that truly involves service and communication, a woodworker can create any type of object in accordance with the needs of their clients. The pieces made in a workshop can often take tens of hours to make. The woodworker often uses other materials alongside wood. In this way, they are able to combine wood with metal, stainless steel or even stone.


Woodworking is a real art.

The beginnings of the profession and the training involved requires nothing more than a passion for wood work and an investment of your time. A real artists’ profession; you can learn so much from the professionals, as they will be there with you every step of the way.

The trainers will be there for you and give you invaluable advice, with the aim of teaching you an artisanal artistic skill and helping you to quickly find work in this field. A woodworker can also restore rare, antique pieces; restoration is a profession and skill in itself.


So, what do you think about becoming a woodworker?

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